PlopCorn: Plop Culture Examined.

Thanks For Plopping By!


Hi. Welcome to PlopCorn. It isn’t a very flattering name, but maybe it’s something you’d like to have handy while watching a bad movie. Speaking of movies, we’ll be featuring a lot of movie reviews on this blog. We like movies and we like to think about them and we like to have the plopportunity to share our thoughts about them with you. Have I put enough puns into this for you to groan yet?

My name is Dan D. and I write things on the Internet and mess around on the radio and even do a little podcasting. Maybe you know me from my former blog, The Stamford Avocado, which is now StamFart. I published obnoxious toilet-satire about my hometown of Stamford, Connecticut, and my good friend Curtis Parvin composed thoughtful, intelligent movie reviews and commentary on news stories and pop culture.

Don’t let the name of this new venture fool you completely. I’m going to opine more truthfully instead of pretending to have real satirical talent (though fans of my trash-bin burlesque can rest assured that it won’t disappear completely) and try to deconstruct my targets in a way that encourages repurposing. Maybe I’ll even try my best to build them back up. It’ll be like the blog equivalent of a Habitat ReStore.

Why should you invest your time and bitpennies into PlopCorn? Because we will look critically at sacred cows of Internet and pop culture that aren’t receiving enough of a critical eye.

Do you respect Alison Green of Ask A Manager but think her career advice is occasionally a bit outdated?

Do you enjoy reading Cracked from time to time but a) tire of the hysterical tone of their content and/or b) want to hear from someone not in their comments section who questions what some of their writers post?

Are you over reading partisan thinkpieces about politics and who we should hate this week? That gets tiring after a while, doesn’t it?

Like radio/podcast theater? Want to learn more about awesome projects our funny and talented friends are up to?

Do you just enjoy a good pun?

You have a home at PlopCorn, then, friend, and we invite you to come and stay for as long as you like. If you’re planning on crashing for more than a few nights though, I’m going to ask that you take the dog out once in a while. Don’t worry, he’s friendly, and he kind of looks like if a seal had an affair with a Labrador Retriever and at some point a Dachshund showed up and wanted in on the action.

Anyway, thanks for your time and consideration, and we look forward to providing you with great content. No half-plops here.

— Dan D. 7/23 into 7/24, 2015


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