By Dan D. 5/9/16

Guys, Politician. Politician is awful. They are the worst person on the planet and are the most reprehensible scum imaginable.

Politician is historically bad. Politician is like that person you hate so much and who haunts your dreams and yells at you inside your head all day. How do you keep yourself from thinking about Politician to the exclusion of all else? You put aside job, family, and friends to scour the Internet to find a picture of Politician so you can write something clever on it.

politician final

Of course in four years, a worse politician will run for the same office Politician is running for now, and Politician will look awesome in retrospect.

Now, sling personal insults at each other anonymously in the comments while I run far, far away from the fire I’ve just started. Internet journalism is so good because you can write whatever you want and people will yell at each other about it and if you get enough people interested in what you write someone will pay you for it.