How Don Draper worked, in a nutshell.

The Context Of Things

There are a handful of things that happen every day in the business world where a logical person would look over and say, “Wait, what just happened?” One of the bigger ones, for me, is this over-focus on products and processes as opposed to people. I’ve never understood this. Yes, your products theoretically make you money, so you need to focus there. But your products are designed, tested, marketed, sold, and vision’ed by your people. Hmm. We respond to customers literally every minute — “Gotta hop on a call with a lead!” — but we evaluate and talk to our own people once or twice a year, because we’re so busy? That appears to be a disconnect — at least IMHO.

Quick interlude before the main point: so many companies worry about product and selling product and moving product and pushing product and product inventory. Those are all things you…

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