Some interesting stuff here. Ted makes a point about “fit”: “The single most important thing in life — basically be it marriage, sex, athletics, a job, anything — is fit. Does this person fit with this team/culture and could this person stay here for a bit and develop and maybe become a leader? Fit is everything. However you plan to assess that, that’s what your process and strategy needs to channel around” which I think people in charge of hiring ought to be more up front about; I’d guarantee most job offers given are a result of the hiring manager *liking* a person a lot and less about their actual qualifications. Anyway, thanks Ted!

The Context Of Things

I’ll make no secret about a couple of different facts: for one, while I’m currently a graduate student, my schedule is such that I could be working full-time or part-time, and this would be beneficial in terms of bills and helping out my wife, who’s being a saint right now. I’ve been looking around for months and, honestly, I’ve had no luck. This ties into the second thing I’m upfront about: I’m a big dude, and I talk slowly (I’m from the Northeast but most people assume I’m from the South) and until I was about 25-26, I didn’t know about salad forks or nice shoes, so I’m a little behind in those areas, for sure. I’ve talked about hiring on this blog before, and talked a little broadly about HR (I’m actually really interested in doing recruiting jobs, because I think talent is honestly the biggest thing a company…

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